Intermediate Cup

Rules of the competition as at 10th February 2012

Sponsored and judged by Jim Rowell and in memory of Bill Bance

The competition takes place once a year, the date and subject are listed in the club program for the forthcoming year.

The intention of the competition is to encourage those members who have not previously won a cup to enter and compete in the Intermediate Cup competition.

The cup winners of other competitions (regardless of the year in which they won the cup) are not allowed to enter.


  • The competition is open to all members of the club that have not won a cup in one of the photographic competitions.
  • Only photographs taken by the entrant are eligible

Specification of Entries 

  • A maximum of 3 end prints 
  • Prints must be end prints either 6x4 or 7x5 with no borders 
  • Prints must not be mounted 
  • Either Colour or Black and White 

Competition Format

Entrants bring their prints to the club the evening of the competition.

The print entries are laid upon a table in a random order, each member chooses where they lay their prints.

Jim Rowell & David Cook will review all the prints prior to the final judging, commenting and marking of each individual entry.

During Judging the owner of a print being judged should not make any comments.

However, once the mark has been awarded any questions raised by the judge may be answered.

At the end of the evening the judges will announce the overall winners

Please do not hesitate to contact the Competition Secretary or a member of the committee if further clarification of the above is required.