Hungerford Camera Club welcomes all potential Members, regardless of age, ability, experience, and equipment used. There is no waiting list, and there are no internal leagues or levels. However, membership is subject to approval of the Committee.

If a Member’s behaviour proves to be undesirable or detrimental to the Club, the Member may receive a private warning from the Chairman or Membership Secretary. If this is not corrective, the Member may be asked to leave the Club, upon agreement of the Committee.

Club Membership is currently £60 per annum. This covers the cost of hiring the meeting rooms, speakers and judges for our competitions. Occasionally the Club may hire a more expensive speaker, in which case a small additional fee might be requested from Members attending to help cover the cost.

The Club year runs from 1st April, and subscriptions are due by the AGM which takes place on the last Thursday in April. New Members joining part way through a Club year may receive a discount, usually calculated as one quarter of the annual fee for every whole or part quarter remaining.

All Members are required to fill out a Membership Form to meet the new GDPR regulations. Please download a Membership form by clicking here.

Club Website

Hungerford Camera Club runs its own website, which is accessible to the public, for the purposes of providing information about the Club, and displaying members’ photographs.

Club Members may have a registered account on the website, which allows access to additional information and participation in the online forum. Members may choose their own username, provided it is not already taken, does not break the website terms and conditions, and meets the website security requirements.

Upon leaving the Club, Members may remain registered on the website, retaining access to some restricted content, but will no longer have access to Members only content.