Data Protection

What Information do we keep?

Hungerford Camera Club stores the following information on each of its members:

Full Name, Telephone Number, Address, Email address and any distinctions we have been told about. Where known, the club also records the member’s joining date.

What do we use the information for?

We keep members' details in order to contact them should the need arise. Addresses are required in case the need should arise for the Club to resolve any legal issues concerning a Member.

At any time, a Member or ex Member may request the Club provide a copy of this information, free of charge, by contacting the Chairman or Membership Secretary.

How long do we keep the information?

The Club retains Members' information for as long as they remain a paid up Member of the Club.

The Club may retain this information even after a Member has left the Club, if the Club believes the Member is planning to re-join, or if there are any reasons the Club may need to contact the Member after leaving.

Upon leaving the Club, Members details will be removed from the Club records, providing there are no outstanding debts owed by the Member, and that any Club equipment borrowed by the Member has been returned in good condition.

Members leaving the Club may request their details be stored for the purposes of news and other mailings.


Appropriate technology is in place to prevent unauthorised access to Members' details.

Members' details will never be released to anyone outside the club without the prior approval of the Member.

You can download a copy of this policy by clicking here.